Welcome to my portfolio. In this space I live as a writer, traveler, and dreamer. So venture with me.


They say one picture is worth a thousand words. But that is not always true. Many a story lies hiddin within a picture, only to be revealed in words. And so I have included the photos from my travels to accompany my writing, adding perspective and depth to the messages I hope to convey.


The Ethiopian women in the photo above are nearing the end of their 18 mile march, carrying 70 pounds of wood on their tired backs, just to earn their $2 daily salary. These are the souls we walk past: their heads are bowed. Without making eyecontact we can escape unscathed, we will never see their faces, know their names, hear their narratives.


In this portfolio, I show what happens when we pause and take the time to interact with one another. I believe that everyone has a story to share.


Here is mine.